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Hello world,

You may know me as the creator of Nest and Glow, I’ve spent the last two years working full time creating plant-based healthy recipes and other natural lifestyle content.

After “finishing” my book, in inverted commas as I’m still doing a lot of work on it daily but it is out there, for my sanity I feel the need to have some more outputs. I want to keep nest and glow as recipes / food and health without any wishy washy thoughts / views so have created this blog for them.

In writing my book I filled any blank space with little facts or information, I like researching and sharing new little tidbits of information so maybe that’s what this site will become. I feel the need to make things perfect before publishing on Nest and Glow as it does get some views. Here I think I can be more relaxed.

Not sure what I will use it for but nothing ventured nothing gained 🙂

I’ve spent more time deciding on the domain name than what I will actually use it for. I thought about bastiandurward com but felt it was a bit long, then thought about basard (the first three and last three letters) then realised that was very similar to another word. Finally settled on, not sure if it will be said aloud as Bastiand, Bastian D or Bast I And but I was drawn to it.

Speak soon

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