Normal Jelly Sweets and Healthy Vegan Fruit Juice Sweets

Do you know what most normal jelly sweets contain? From connective tissue to artificial dyes that have been shown in scientific studies to cause certain cancers.

Check out the video below on normal jelly sweet and a recipe for healthy vegan jelly sweets.

What Normal Jelly Sweets Contain and A Recipe for Healthy Vegan Fruit Juice Sweets
Normal jelly sweets contain:

Skin, bones and connective tissue. These are boiled to make gelatin. This has a very unpleasant and offensive smell.
Artificial food Dyes. Studies have shown some of these dyes cause ADHD in children and have been linked to several cancers. Also, other studies show that they can reduce the IQ of children and have an effect on brain functions.
Sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup. Both of these highly refined sugars contain no nutrition and cause obesity, diabetes and tissue damage. In the US most corn syrup is GMO.
Artificial Flavours. These come from anything that is inedible (like petroleum) that is processed to create flavourings. They are very cheap for a manufacturer so it’s a sign of a low-quality product.
There is a very healthy alternative to the mass-produced jelly sweets. You can make your own with just fruit, the seaweed agar agar and an optional sweetener.

Agar agar helps to make the sweets set like a firm jelly. It can be purchased inexpensively from Asian shops – just make sure to buy the powder as it’s the most potent.

Just juice your fruit, add a natural sweetener with nutrition and then simmer with the agar agar for 5 minutes. Pour into a mould and leave for a few minutes to set. Read the full Fruit Juice Jelly Sweets Recipe.

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