10 Things You Need to Know About Sensitive People

They have incredible empathy, Worry endlessly about hurting other people’s feelings, Own feelings are easily bruised.

They struggle to make decisions, they weigh up every single possible outcome, even if there is no “right” or “wrong”

They Easily get overwhelmed and overstimulated, something annoying is likely to be amplified for a highly sensitive person, Can get very hangry.

They are Prone to depression and mental illness, A supportive environment can protect against this.

They’re deeply moved by the arts, often very creative with attention to detail and see the little things in life that others miss

They have good manners and consideration, Likely to notice someone with bad manners.

They’re likely to be popular because they’re so in tune with the needs of others.

They Need downtime to recharge, This could be alone time in a quiet room or going for a walk.

They Often don’t like violent movies or news stories.

They Make great team members due to being such deep thinkers Often best suited for positions where they don’t make the final decision.

They often Prefer solo sports like cycling and walking, where they won’t be watched.

They’re not all are introverts, about 30% are extroverts.

Highly sensitive men are teased in some cultures, while other cultures see it as a positive trait, affects both sexes equally.

This isn’t a disorder that needs to be fixed, Just means sensory data is processed deeply.

This group of people have so much to offer the world, and could often need some support.

This video post is just to spread awareness and to help other people understand the 20% of us that are Highly Sensitive People (HSP) rather than offering advice to people with HSP. I will do another post on this 🙂

I hope this post helps people to recognise if themselves or others they know are affected by this. Number 5 about mental health isn’t nice but it’s important to know that a supportive environment can go a long way to protecting – especially in children.

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